When we wanted to know more about our industry we found no one could provide the information we needed. So we set about compiling it. Since 2013 each year our team has completed a census of the glamping industry in the UK.

During this time we have refined the research to create the most comprehensive statistics for the glamping market.

At the end of each season, this unique piece of research into the size and diversity of the industry looks at all the sites advertised as operating in the UK.

We can provide both Market Reports and List Rental of census contacts.

Market Reports

The market reports are available to our consultancy clients for their specific projects, as well as to purchase separately.

Reports are available in the following formats:

  • Geographically specific summaries: Giving types of accommodation, number of units,  average price per night and number of sites for one specific county: from £200.00

  • Entire UK market overview or detailed analysis: Giving types of accommodation, number of units, average price
    per night and number of sites in each county: from

  • Accommodation-specific national summaries: Giving number of units, average price and locations across the country based on one type of glamping accommodation: from £1000.00
Single Region: Single-region analysis, including total number of sites in your chosen region, including accommodation types, price ranges, location map and other helpful interesting details.
Bedfordshire - £200.00
Berkshire - £200.00
Buckinghamshire - £250.00
Cambridgeshire - £200.00
Cheshire - £200.00
Cornwall - £500.00
County Durham - £250.00
Cumbria & Lake District - £500.00
Derbyshire - £250.00
Devon - £400.00
Dorset - £500.00
East Sussex - £250.00
Essex - £200.00
Gloucestershire - £300.00
Hampshire - £400.00
Herefordshire - £350.00
Hertfordshire - £250.00
Isle of Wight - £400.00
Kent - £300.00
Lancashire - £350.00
Leicestershire - £350.00
Midlands - £250.00
Norfolk - £450.00
Northamptonshire - £250.00
Nottinghamshire - £250.00
Oxfordshire - £350.00
Rutland - £200.00
Shropshire - £175.00
Somerset - £500.00
Staffordshire - £300.00
Suffolk - £350.00
Warwickshire - £300.00
West Sussex - £250.00
Wiltshire - £500.00
Worcestershire - £300.00

Yorkshire - £350.00

Northern Ireland: £300.00

North Wales - £250.00
South Wales - £350.00

Scottish Borders - £250.00
North Scotland - £250.00
Southern Scotland - £350.00

Special 3 for 2 offer for 2018 - pick any three regions and receive one half price!

Multiple Regions: Detailed multi-region analysis with a wider scope including accommodations, prices, locations, types of booking accepted and important policies to find your niche.
South West - £1750.00
South East - £1250.00
North East - £1000.00
North West - £750.00
Northern Ireland£500.00
Entire UK overview: £1250.00
Entire UK detailed analysis: £3500.00
Accommodation Types: Receive a breakdown of your competitors by accommodation type, including locations, price ranges and other useful titbits of information.
Bell tents - £1500.00
Cabins - £1000.00
Domes - £2000.00
Gypsy Caravans - £1250.00
Lodges - £2000.00
Pods - £1500.00
Shepherds Huts - £1750.00
Safari Tents - £1500.00
Tree houses - £1750.00
Yurts - £2000.00

List Rental

The raw data from the census is compiled by our team each year. This data has the information for the sites advertised as trading at the time of the research. List Rental of this information is available as a whole for one off mail shots or for specific campaigns such as geographic selection or specific types of accommodation provided. Please contact us directly for further information.

Our glamping holidays were founded in 2006 and we began our catalogue of glamping sites in Britain back in 2013. Since then, the glamping industry has grown exponentially and our data demonstrates the growth of glamping in the UK over this duration. Our up-to-date census can provide insight into the number of glamping sites in the UK, the different types of glamping accommodation available in various regions and the average price for glamping.